Steel Structure Manufacturing

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Steel Structure Manufacturing

where to use ?

‘‘Steel Construction '' is a structure that is preferred by many users because it is especially durable and constructed entirely from steel material. "Steel Construction" structures are preferred in order to minimize demolition and damage in earthquake zones.
'Steel Construction' ; "Steel Construction" is preferred in hangars, factories, sports facilities, industries, workshops, warehouses and aircraft hangars. An increase has been observed in the manufacture of "Steel Construction" in other structures. As the reason for this; "Steel Construction" structures have superior mechanical and static properties compared to other structures.

What are the advantages

of Steel Structure?

  • It has a fast and economical construction process.
  • The construction process is not affected by climatic conditions.
  • It provides high energy efficiency with different and economical solutions for different climatic conditions.
  • It is the most earthquake resistant building system known in the world.
  • It can be built even in the worst ground conditions due to its lightness.
  • It is a system implemented in all countries that accept international standards.
  • It has unique advantages in energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Provides great convenience and flexibility in architectural, electrical and mechanical solutions.
  • It offers users the possibilities of high building physics. (Factors such as heat, sound, humidity, sunlight)
  • Much longer life.
  • Its tie-bar-less and beamless design provides interior architecture and decoration comfort, and offers spacious and larger interior spaces.
  • It is the most suitable solution for the construction of spaces with healthy indoor air quality.
  • The construction site does not affect the environmental and social quality of life.
  • It is environmentally friendly and saves on minimum water consumption during construction and reduces the risk of pollution of water resources and groundwater.
  • It is 90% and above recyclable material.